It's Almost Done.
The new album is oh-so-close to being ready to grace your ears.  
We've been working painstakingly inside and out of the studio to bring our audience the finest AR recording to date.  
We are very excited to present it in early February 2016!

I know it still seems far away but in the mean time, we are remastering and releasing hard copies of our dreary holiday album Bleak Winter on November 17th 2015.

It will be music to your ears.  Promise.


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Welcome to Zombie Country with Amanda Richards & The Good Long Whiles

Alberta Rose Theater, 3000 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

Catch Amanda Richards and company perform Play Dead, a short 45 minute set of old-school country songs about the zombie apocalypse written from the perspective of the last person on Earth who happens to be a country singer and a feminist. Oh, and they will be in full undead regalia.

Come early because they are opening for The Saloon Ensemble's Nightmare Before Christmas and you won't want to miss a single moment of this. It's going to be one Hell of a night.


Website photos by Ashly Salmon